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A wide range of services in the field of concrete work and transportation of concrete mixtures in Daugavpils and Latgale. All cooperation opportunities are discussed individually.

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Concrete transportation and pumping

We are engaged in the supply of various types of concrete mix to the place of work in any weather and provide services of a concrete pump (28m). We provide uninterrupted supplies, including to remote sites.

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Transport concrete trade

In winter, we are ready to provide hot concrete with the necessary chemical additives, which provide an accelerating setting effect. In summer, in hot weather, we provide so-called "retarders" for uniform setting of concrete.

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Concreting services

Site preparation, ramming, formwork installation, reinforcement, direct concreting of the site. We strictly adhere to the recommended technological processes, established norms and requirements.

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Compliance with all quality standards and constant improvement of the company's technical equipment make us a reliable partner with guarantees of quality work.


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